Lifebasis Tattoo Stencil Printer Free Gifts__More Than 600 Tattoo Ideas Tattoo Designs Free Download

Lifebasis Tattoo Stencil Printer Free Gifts__More Than 600 Tattoo Ideas Tattoo Designs Free Download

Lifebasis provide more than free 600 tattoo ideas, tattoo design picture including animal, skull, flower,  sword, star, butterfly tattoo etc.which help to inspire you how to choose the best tattoo for yourself as it’s essential to know what tattoo designs represent.

Getting A New Design 

Maybe getting a new desing is natural for you, but to ensure you don’t end up regretting your tat in years’ time, it’s important to approach the process thoughtfully before you are absolutely sure why you want and what you want.

What you need to pay attention?

1.The Tattoo Design

Don't rush the process of picking a tattoo design, as your tattoo design might look cool now, but you might be regreted ashamed of having it in the future.The key to selecting the right design is research. Remeber what the tattoo design represent, choose meaningful and fresh design such as,symbols, mantras, name or other designs which are meaningful to you. You need to consult with tattoo artist as well. Experienced tattoo artist are great for picking up a general idea and transforming it into a unique tattoo that means something to you and tell you about the position of your tattoo.

2. Tattoo Position

The design of the tattoo collates with specific body parts. Also, the size of the design will have a serious effect on the longevity of the tattoo.

If you get something too small, the chances for getting the tattoo smudged after a few years are high. Remember, your skin will not stay the same forever.

If you want your tattoo to be private, you should pick a spot that is normally covered in clothes.

Another thing to consider is that different parts of your body produce different levels of pain. Generally, parts covered in muscle or fat will hurt less than tattooing an area where there are lots of bones.

3. Timing

You can get a tattoo anytime you like, but there are optimal times for this procedure. The best time for getting a tattoo is during fall or winter when you have more clothes protecting the tattoo during the healing process.

Also, the sun is the sworn enemy of a freshly inked tattoo. Too much sunlight will harm your fresh tattoo by possibly causing irritations and early fading as well.

4. Skin Allergies

There are many skin allergies that can occur upon tattooing. No matter how minor it is, you need to consult a doctor and talk about whether getting a tattoo would be a good idea. You never know you, your skin will react to being drilled with multiple needles and having chemicals inserted into it.

The point is you need to take extra precautions before getting a tattoo.

Tattoo Ideas & Designs Pictures Free Download

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How To Transfer Your Ideas or Designs Onto Skin Quickly?

comparing with hand-drawing, tattoo stencil printer accurately transfer a design from paper to your skin.

Lifeabsis Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine Highligt

1. Two operation mode: mirror and copy. Machine will have a ready-to-use stencil available within one minute.

2. Deepness setting. Switch between “Deepness 1” and “Deepness 1” to adjust the device’s sensitivity to line thickness.

3. Easy-to-use. All functions comes with dedicated control buttons, you can know exactly how to trigger each process.

4. Portable. 1.17kg total weight, ideal option to bring on the road

5. Fast transfer printing speed, low heat, low noise and stable.

6. Durable. The machine has no heating elements, cylinders, or bulbs; you never have to worry about replacing short-term use parts.

7.  The tattoo printer accepts print requests sent via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Enjoy !
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