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Lifebasis Ultrasonic Cleaner 600ML, Easy to Clean Jewelry, Glasses, Watch Bands, Dentures, Rings, Coins

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Ultrasonic Cleaner with Cooling Fan, no noise & Auto shut off

Cleaning mode: 5 pre-set cleaning cycles(90s-180s-300s-480s-600s) you can choose for all your items
Touch-screen and Digital display: easy to operate and read
Detachable power cord: safe and convenient
Mini-size: easy to use at home and carry
Tank Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
Ultrasonic Frequency: 42 KHz
Tank Capacity: 600ml

Voltage 100-120V 35W
Net Weight: 0.98kg

Accessoires included: 1* watch stand, 1* plastic basket, 1* ultrasonic cleaner


Be sure to fill water into the tank before power on. Do not clean glasses/sunglasses with protective film. Water do not exceed the max level.

Do not place the cleaner in a damp environment

The ultrasonic cleaner can not remove the oxide layer.

After the ultrasonic has been working continuously for 10 minutes, the machine needs to be rested for 10 minutes to cool down, and the water needs to be changed every half an hour to get a better cleaning effect.

Please do read the user manual before using it. If you are not sure whether ultrasonic cleaner can clean a specific type of jewelry, please consult the jeweler.