Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

Ultrasonic cleaning is employed in a variety of industries and can be used on many materials and objects of varying sizes and shapes, ultrasonic cleaner make cleaning faster and easier. However, how much do you know about ultrasonic cleaner? Check common questions about ultrasonic cleaner below:


Q: Can ultrasonic cleaner remove rust or tarnish?

A: No. ultrasonic clean can only act on the surface of the item, if you want remove the rust or tarnish, the rust remover needed, items to be cleaned need to be soaked in the rust remover, and the use ultrasonc cleaner to cleaner them.

Q: What frequency should i choose?

A: The higher the power density of the ultrasonic wave, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, and the better the cleaning effect. You need to choose the suitable frequency depends material, size, shape, surface treatment and other factors of the cleaned items.

Optical glass and liquid crystal products, the ultrasonic power is 10~20W/L

Precision instrument components, the ultrasonic power is 20~25W/L;

Metal internal pressure parts, the ultrasonic power is 25~30W/L;

Powder metallurgy parts and precision castings, the ultrasonic power is 30~35W/L;

Q: How long is the proper cleaning time?

A: in fact, there is no exact cleaning time, depending on the ultrasonic power, ultrasonic frequency, cleaning solution and item material, cleaning time is different. Ultrasonic power is stronger, the cleaning time can be cleaned with less time.

It usually takes 3-5 minutes for small items like glasses, necklaces, bracelets, gold and platinum jewelry, jewelry etc. For large items with heavy dirt, need around 15-30 minutes.

Q: What cleaning solution should i use?

A: To clean the airbrush gun, use boric acid.
     To clean bullets, use citric acid.
     To clean gold and copper products, use oxalic acid, citric acid.
     To clean silver products , use silver washing liquid.
     To clean normal watch band, glasses, jewelry, use detergent.

Q: can ultrasonic cleaner clean tableware?

A: Yes! 

Q: Why the vibration of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is small?

A:  1. transducer is aging becasue of long time using, and the performance is attenuated

2. The frequency point of the ultrasonic generator and the transducer deviates

3.Part of the transducer is damaged.

4.The working environment of the cleaning machine, such as the type of cleaning agent, cleaning temperature, liquid level, etc

5.Placement of objects to be cleaned, replacement of cleaning solution, etc.

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