How To Remove Silver Tarnish By Ultraonic Jewelry Cleaner?

How To Remove Silver Tarnish By Ultraonic Jewelry Cleaner?

DiscolorationÔľĆblack or¬†sulfide is¬†an unavoidable aspect of owning silver,¬†especially if you don't use it regularly or store it properly."Silver tarnishes primarily because particulates containing acid or sulfur in the air are deposited on the silver flakes," says Jeffrey Herman, founder of the American Society of Silversmiths.¬†Fortunately, silver tarnishes¬†can be easily removed.

How To Remove Silver Tarnish Properly?

Some chemical dips can be used to remove the tarnish but can actually damage the silver surface. while ultrasonic cleaner can remove silver tarnish quickly and safely.

Ultrasonic cleaning is accomplished by a process called ultrasonic cavitation in an ultrasonic cleaning solution.  Cavitation is created when generator-powered ultrasonic transducers create billions of minute bubbles that implode and carry away contaminants when they contact the surface of pieces being cleaned.  The bubbles reach into intricate pattern crevices to safely remove tarnish virtually impossible to access with a brush or polishing cloth.

1. Add cleaning solution will get a better cleaning effect when use ultrasonic cleaner. 

clean silver products , use silver washing liquid. sodium-free club soda, dish soap(free of dyes, perfumes, and moisturizers),warm water and a hint of gentle soap, baby shampoo are recommanded.

2.¬†Water Temperature-Mostly used at a temperature of about 50‚Äď65 ¬įC (122‚Äď149 ¬įF), however, in medical applications it is generally accepted that cleaning should be at temperatures below 45 ¬įC (113 ¬įF) to prevent protein coagulation.

3. Time ‚Äď Depending on how dirty the items are, the time is usually from 1 to 20 minutes. After the cleaning is done, leave your items inside for another 5-10 minutes so that the dirt particles that were knocked off your pieces by the sound waves can fall to the bottom of the tank.

4. Use the basket to hold the silver items  so pieces do not come in contact with each other.

How To Choose Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner ?


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Silver Jewelry Maintenance Tips

1. Keep it in a dry environment. Remember to take off silver jewelry when bathing or swimming.

2. Avoid friction and abrasion when wearing silver jewelry. Do not mix silver items with other jewelry. silver itself is very soft material, can be scratched or deformed easily. It is very difficult to fully return to its original shape after deformation

3. wipe the stains and water stains on the surface of silver items by special silver cleaning cloth and place them into jewelry box to keep them dry. 

4. Aovid to use silver washing liquid continually during silver daily maintenance becasue  silver washing liquid is a kind of chemical solvent which can turn silver itme to yellow.

5. The best silver jewelry maintenance method is to keep wearing them, becasue grease generated by human boday can moisturize the silverware and keeep them bright.




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