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LifeBasis Professional CD-4875 Digital Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner 7.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner with 3 Industrial Ultrasonic Transducers and Ceramic Heaters

LifeBasis Professional CD-4875 Digital Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner 7.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner with 3 Industrial Ultrasonic Transducers and Ceramic Heaters

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LifeBasis CD-4875 digital ultrasonic cleaner is a state-of-the-art and efficient device designed to restore and preserve the quality of vinyl records. 7.5L capacity and 35KHz frequency, equips with 3 industrial grade ultrasonic transducer and 3 ceramic heaters, gently and effectively remove dust, dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the surface of vinyl records without causing any damage or degradation to the delicate grooves.

LifeBasis CD-4875 Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner Hightlights

1. Professional, Durable and Reliable

CD-4875 ultrasonic cleaner equips with 3 industrial ultrasonic transducer (3 × 55 W = 165 W), uniform distribution of ultrasonic waves, strong cleaning, high durability.  3 ceramic heaters (3 × 80 W = 240 W), fast heating, heating stops when the temperature reaches 35℃. Multiple circuit protectors, when overloaded or improperly used, the protectors shut down the power to certain areas to protect the machine. Moisture-proofed PCB with industrial IC. PCBs are placed vertically for better moisture-proof performance. Better anti-interference.

Solid and advanced structural design. 4.5mm thick wall housing made from engineering grade plastic with tongue in groove design for better water-proof and drop-proof performances, low noise suitable for indoor uses.

2. Touch Operation Panel & Adjustable Cleaning Time

The three-color LED display allows better reading and the touch keys are better resistant to chemical solvents and waterproof. Control panel with capacitive sensing technology, durable, resistant to water and harsh chemicals. Cleaning time can be set 1 to 15 minutes freely, meet different cleaning needs.

3. Powerful Cleaning & Large Capacity

35KHz ultrasonic waves are distributed evenly,ensures deep and thorough cleaning without causing any harm to the delicate grooves or audio fidelity. 7.5ml capacity, can clean objects up to 36.5 cm long.

4. Powerful Function & Reliable Protection 

Low speed rotation at 5 rpm for uniform and fast cleaning. CD-4875 digital ultrasonic cleaner can clean ten  7-12" vinyl records at the same time in 5 minutes. Fixture can be titled up 90 degrees away from water, good for mounting the records and keep them away from water.  Lable protectors protect vinyl record lables from being wet during cleaning.

5. Wide Application

CD-4875 digital ultrasonic cleaner can not only clean 7-12" vinyl records but also clean watches, jewelry, dentures, combs, earrings, cutlery, surgical instruments, tattoo tools, makeup brushes, metal filters and covers, electronic devices, pens, musical instruments. Can be used in auto repair shops, jewelry shops, optometrists, nail salons, dentist's offices and other industries.

6.  Quality Assurance 

CD-4875 digital ultrasonic cleaner passed CE, PSE, TUV, GS certification. LifeBasis provide 1 year warranty and 24/7 customer service.


a. Read user manual carefully before using the machine

b. please put water in the tank before turning on the machine, otherwise the machine can be damaged

c. scratched glasses should not be cleaned, otherwise it will increase the damage.

d.  do not clean items like soft gemstones like opal, pearl, or amber 

LifeBasis CD-4875 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Specification

Tank Capacity: 7.5L;  Maximum: 6.0L, Minimum: 4.3L

Tank Size: 33.1 x 23.8 x 10.5cm (13.0" x 9.4" x 4.1")

Longest Item Fits Inside Tank: 37.0cm/14.4"

Tank Material:  Stainless Steel SUS304

Housing Material: ABS

Ultrasonic Frequency: 35,000Hz

Digital Timer Settings: 1~15min

Power Supply: 380W (AC 100~120V 60Hz)

                       410W (AC 220V~240V 50Hz)

                       310W (AC 100V 50/60Hz)

Unit Size: 54.1 x 33.7 x 27.7cm (21.3" x 13.3" x 10.9")

Net Weight: 10.65kg/23.48lb

Gross Weight: 11.85kg/26.12lb

Packing List

1* record cleaner unit

1* record holder for 10 records

1* drain pipes

1* adapter

1* user manual 






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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
zoltan sic


Tee Killa
Vinyl Reinigung

Super Gerät ,macht was es soll.
Die Mischung vom Reinigungswasser muss stimmen .
Wahnsinn was man dann an den Gereinigten Scheiben rausholen kann , hätte ich nicht gedacht .
Bei Teureren Platten hab ich mich aber nicht getraut .
Deswegen Retoure .

Mit dem Reinigungswasser werde ich mich nochmals schlau machen , dann wird das Gerät sehr warscheinlich gekauft .
Zur Reinigung:.
Vom Händler ist nichts angegeben zur Reinigungsflüssigkeit und in der Anleitung (nur englisch) steht auch nichts drin .
Weiter Empfehlung auf jeden Fall .

Super good device!

Was thinking to buy cheaper model that is 200 euros on amazon. But choose this and i am really happy.
-high quality plastic of housing and all other parts
-touch screen buttons and color display
-easy to setup and operate with device
-installing and taking out vynil is user friendly
-not too noisy, i wash in the kitchen on the table with close door. wife said that in other parts of apartment is quit and comfy for other members
- easy to drain the water
- cables are long enough and both are for EU plugs (models twice cheaper are not with EU standard ,need to buy adapters)
- good design of handles, comfortable to carry especially when is full of water.
- washer that divide vynils are really good designed. On one side thy have rubber o-ring to protect paper labels.

- not very clear how and when exactly water is warmed. In manual is written it's warms automatically. but from what moment exactly not clear, from moment you turn on the power switch or only when ultrasonic func if active.
- the metal part that should be attached to the edge of the cleaner on which to attach motor has 1 mm play. Not critical but... i inserted a piece of smth to fix it otherwise 12" vynil is too close to the bottom of the bath.

P.S. washed around 20 vynil (12 inch) for first time. All good. Before i insert in the water vynil i wipe every side with velvet cloth, to minimize dirty water. To the maximum fill line i fill 5l of distilled water. i have also 7 inch vynil for them need to add more water to reach the middle o fvynil. at the end i put 3-4 drops of dishwasher detergent (Fairy) for super dirty vynil. read lot about chemicals that also can be added like Isopropanol, Mirasol Antistatik, Ilford Ilfotol Wetting Agent . Maybe in the future i will try for the first time i am glad with results.

Gideon van den Berg
Platen wassen zoals het hoort.

Wassen zonder probleem. Alleen met gedistilleerd water alle stof en vuil uit de groeven van de plaat. Degelijke bouw en constructie. Redelijk duidelijke handleiding en bediening. Kan tot 10 lp's in 1 wasbeurt behandelen.

Lothar Angenendt
Clean is good! LifeBase is better!

Like many others, I have cleaned my records as follows: record on the turntable; Detergent spread on it with the brush and then vacuumed. Plate turned and again the same procedure! Success was ok but associated with a corresponding investment of time.
With the LifeBase you can clean up to ten plates at once. Clamp the plates onto the shaft and let them spin through the bath in a relaxed manner. 10 - 15 min under ultrasound. Drink coffee or something else while you do it. Then simply let the plates dry. The result? Just try ((-; !!!
The device is of high quality!