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LifeBasis Radon Detector Portable Radon Tester with Large Screen For Home 0 - 500 pCi / L Range

LifeBasis Radon Detector Portable Radon Tester with Large Screen For Home 0 - 500 pCi / L Range

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There is an acknowledged risk of lung cancer from radon. LifeBasis randon detector helps you to monitor the air quality easily. The portable randon tester comes with long and short term readings, aiming to identify any potential health risk and see the effect of measures to reduce the radon level, protect health for you and your families effectively.

Why Choose LifeBasis Radon Tester?

LifeBasis Radon Detector


Radon is known to be harmful to humans in large quantities. Radon levels fluctuate every day, it is essential to detect surroundings environment accuratly everyday. LifeBasis portable radon detector help your to monitor the air qulity easily, protect helath for you and your faimily.

2. Two Readings

The radon tester comes with long term and short term readings. The long term average represents the average radon value for the on going measurement, one year maximum, aims to identify any potential health risk; The short term average represents average radon value over the last day or last 7 days, to check effect of reducuing radon level measurement.

LifeBasis Radon Detector

3. Fast & Clear Reading

The large digital screen allows you to read the monitoring date and get a quick overview for surrounding radon value easily and clearly. When high level radon is detected, you can take action immediately.

LifeBasis Radon Detector

4. Versatile and Portable

Lightwight and easy to carry (about 150g). Battery-powered (Not included) radon tester, low consumption, no need to worry about charging at all. Your can use it anywhere, home, office, classroom, basement, hotel or even when travelling.

LifeBasis Radon Detector

5. Warranty & Service

 Life Basis provide 30 days risk free hom trial and 1 year replacement warranty.

How To Use The Radon Tester?

Two buttons on the back of the tester.

1. RESET : press the button to restart the instrument before a new measurement. This operation removes all stored radon data. Remember to note all previous measurement before using the RESET button.

2. MODE : press the button to get information on the number of measurement days since the instrument started for the first time or the last RESET operation.

Note: 1 ) Upon battery replacement,the instrument is reset and all stored data deleted.

2) Don't moved it during measurement.

3) If the display shows ’Err’and a number , press RESET, remove and reinsert the batteries.

LifeBasis Radon Monitor Specification

Sensor: Alpha Spectrometry Sensor

Power Supply: 3AAA alkaline battery (not include)

Accuracy/Precision: 7days<10% ; 2 month<5%

Measurement Range: 0-500 pCi/L (or 0-999 Bq/M)

Operation Environment: Temperature: 4-40 ℃  Relative Humidity< 85%

Size: L 125 x W 70 x H 25mm

Weight: 150g


Packing List

  • Radon Detector x 1 (battery not including)
  • User Manual x 1



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Good to know your safety

Can use this any where and keep placing in different areas to check each area separately. Takes batteries and nothing to keep recharging.