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  • LifeBasis Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Lifebasis Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • LifeBasis Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • LifeBasis Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • LifeBasis Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • LifeBasis Ultrasonic Cleaner
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LifeBasis Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 850ml LCD Screen with 5 Digital Timer Watch Stand

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LifeBasis Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner is a professional self-excited Ultrasonic cleaner which generates 42,000Hz of Ultrasonic sound wave , gently remove most dirt and grime by water only. Come with gentle punch, won't damage you valuables while refreshing them as brand new, can be used to clean jewelry, glasses, watches, dentures, razors, CD, DVD and more household products

LifeBasis Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Advantages

1. 【Large Tank】The ultrasonic cleaner has a stainless steel tank that holds 28 oz (850ML) of water, it can fit into almost any size, from the size of an earring to the size of a pair of glasses. All accessories you need included: basket, watch support and CD holder.

2.【Professional Cleaner】This ultrasonic cleaner generates 42, 000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves using only water, and can gently remove dirt and grime in a short time without using harsh chemicals. It won't damage your valuables while refreshing them as new. 

3.【Easy to use】Simple on / off button, easy to control, automatically shuts off when it's done. The cleaner has 5 cycles (including 600, 480, 300, 180 and 90 seconds) to meet different cleaning purposes. The LED digital indicator will display the cleaning time.

4.【Wide Application】This digital ultrasonic cleaner can be used to clean jewelry, glasses, watches, dentures, razors, CD, DVD and more household products, suitable for professional or personal use. 

5. 【CE, PSE, TUV, GS.】 Life Basis provides 12 months warranty. For any quality issues, we offer 1 year new replacement. If you have any questions about the products, please contact us.


When cleaning very dirty products, please use warm water and special cleaning liquid and clean repeatedly to achieve better results, if the electric coating of the glasses is broken, do not clean them.

After 10 minutes of continuous work, need to rest for 10 minutes to cool down to prevent burning of the machine.


Tank capacity: 850 ml   maximum: 700 ml

Power supply: 38 w AC 100V   50/60 Hz

                      42 w AC 100-120V   50/60 Hz

                      55 w AC 220-240V   50/60 Hz

Frequency: 42,000Hz

Work Wave: full wave (professional self-excited)

Digital Timer Settings: 180s-300s-480s-600s-90s

Tank Material: Stainless steel SUS304

Unit Size: 20.3*18.3*14.5 cm (8.0*7.2*5.7 inch)

Weight: 1.1KG (2.4 lb)


Customer Reviews

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Very Powerful

Read the manual.

I've been using ultrasonic cleaners to clean my glasses for many years. This one is so much more powerful than any of the ones I've used before. I didn't read the directions. I thought I knew what I was doing, and put my glasses in. The machine was so powerful that it did remove a little bit of the paint off the frame. But they have never been this clean. The directions say that you should use the 90-second cycle with the plastic basket for glasses. I ignored that and except full responsibility.

This thing is so much more powerful than any previous one that I've owned.

Chat Myers
I love this thing more than I should.

I've always wanted on of these. The day it arrived I was like a kid in a candy store, the box was open before I hit the front door. I am happy to report that this little unit delivers in a big way despite it's small size.
I purchased this little unit because one of my hobbies requires I clean some small metal parts often. I actually dreaded sitting at the kitchen table with a set of brushes and chemicals scrubbing and rinsing. Several of my friends say they use an ultrasonic cleaner in a "set it and forget it" fashion. I had to have one.
This unit was inexpensive, and was large enough to hold all my parts at the same time. It comes with a variety of basket inserts for specialized jobs. The basic basket holds your larger parts, there is a watch band holder, and a disc holder for DVD's or Blu rays.
Operation is supremely simple. Fill it up with water to the line, add your detergent (dawn works great), choose your time, then press go. The LCD has a countdown timer for the impatient.
While doing the research for an ultrasonic, I found that people were testing cleaners with a piece of aluminum foil. If your unit is putting out effective vibrations, it will punch holes in foil suspended in the solution. That's the first thing I did. I'm happy to report I had holey foil after the trial run. After that I was cleaning everything I could get my hands on. Eyeglasses, bathroom grooming tools, my wife's jewelry, you name it. (Her jewelry has that "like new" shine now.) It does it's job with minimal noise.
I've had this thing about a week now and sadly I've run out of things to clean. I'm still really happy with my unit and I recommend it for home hobbyists or anyone who wants sparkly jewelry or crystal clear glasses. Two thumbs up from me.