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LifeBasis Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner Electric Oral Cleaner Teeth Stain Tarter Plaque Calculus Remover With LED And 4 Adjustable Modes

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LifeBasis ultrasonic teeth cleaner with LED light and 4 adjustable modes with memory function,allows you to remove Teeth Stain, tarter, Plaque, Calculus without damaging the gums. Equipped with dental mirror and mouth opener, bring you a clearer sight. 40KHz vibration frequency and waterproof performance allow you to clean your teeth at home easily.

LifeBasis Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner Highlights

1. Real Sonic Technology.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaner  using real sonic high-frequency vibration technology. 40KHz vibration frequency, 2 million times per minute.

2. Easy-To-Use. 

First with this dental tools Go back and forth in a tiny area for a few passes and wait until you get used to the feeling. Then slowly increase the intensity to find the level that works best for you.

3. 4 Adjustable Modes & 3 Replacement Head.

With soft, normal , middle and strong modes to meet the needs of different teeth cleaning.  4 different shapes of 304 stainless steel cleaning heads for different parts of the teeth. 

Soft Mode: for sensitive teeth for first-time use

Normal Mode: for regular cleaning 

Middle Mode: for calculus and stains

Strong Mode: deep cleaning, suitable for stubborn stains and calculus

4. IPX6 Waterproof & LED. 

waterproof remove teeth stain tarter plaque calculus can clean the whole body, and the LED light will automatically turn on when the teeth cleaner tool kit is working, illuminating the blind area of vision.

5. Safe & Rechargeable.

The dental cleaner only work when it touch teeth, when contacting with gums/air, it will stop working. 2-4 hours charging time allows you to use the cleaner more than 20 times. Automatic power off 10 minutes intelligent safety protection to prevent the body from overheating.

LifeBasis Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner Specification

  • Charging Current:  ≤1 A
  • Charing Time : 2~3.5h
  • Operate Frequency : 30-40KHz
  • Powr: <3W
  • Weight: 137g
  • Package Weight: 337g
  • Size: 27*27*190mm (not including replacement head length)

Packing List

1 X Host Machine

1 x Dental Mirror

1 x Mouth Opener 

4 x Replacement Head

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Protection Cover

1 x Replacement Head Disassembly Wrench 

1 x User Instruction

LifeBasis Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This thing is so wonderful. Truly! You don't need to go waste all of your money on a cleaning at the dentist when you can do it yourself with this. I removed calculus from the bottom of my teeth, and I got the tartar and plaque from them too without any issues at all. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Lisa S
AMAZING at getting rid of stubborn stains!

This thing works so well at getting rid of stains on your teeth. So much better than whitening products. BUT BE CAREFUL! If you don’t have a steady hand, I would not use this product, because you could definitely cause some damage to your teeth if you don’t use it properly. As far as I’m concerned, if you need a whole mouth cleaning, leave that to your dentist… But if you’re just trying to get rid of a stain or two, then this thing is fantastic! I had a stain that was on my tooth that I’ve been trying to get rid of for two years, and this thing took care of it in 30 seconds. Recommended.

It really works!

I plugged this PR in & let it charge as soon as I received it because I’ve been wanting one for awhile now & wanted to see how it worked and it started working. Easy to assemble and use. It’s just what I needed to keep a healthy and clean mouth at home. The dentist can get really expensive especially for a deep cleaning so with this I can keep it at a minimum.

Update: it does clean plaque and tarter. The more heavy the plaque or tarter the longer you have to aim at those spots but I did notice a few times out the day the tarter is declining.

Helps w/severe dental calculus

So I saw a family member of mines teeth were so bad it literally scared me for them. They had so much dental calculus you almost couldn’t see the tooth/teeth anymore. It was just enveloping the teeth so much.
So I quickly went online in search of solutions for at home for dental calculus and found this and ordered it for same day delivery. I went to work as soon as it came.

At first I wasn’t getting anything & didn’t think it was going to work. But then I was SHOCKED with seeing it work. It’s kind of scary at first seeing chunks and pieces just chip and come off and hearing them break off. So if you have dental calculus this bad too be prepared for that mentally but if yours is that bad too it’s best to have someone help you cause you can’t really see it yourself.

I worked on their teeth for over and hour and was able to get probably 80-85% off which I wasn’t expecting at all. I mean I was hoping but it was something I’d never done before and never used this product either so I didn’t know what to expect but I was seriously able to get most of it off in a little over an hour.

One thing I will say about the device is for some reason it will randomly turn off (and no I’m not talking about the auto shut off after 5mins) it really does just turn off it seems when it thinks it’s stuck or something. It’s annoying but not too bad but I thought I’d mention it.

I also used the manual tools it came with too to try and get more control for picking the calculus off in sensitive spots and they worked too :) I found them useful for going in between teeth.

So far I’m REALLY glad I bought this. Worth the try if you’re struggling with SEVERE dental calculus because it does work.

Their thoughts on it’s performance is now their teeth feel rough but that’s because it’s not been perfectly scraped and not finished being cleaned so there’s now rough calculus instead of a “smooth surface” of HUGE dental calculus deposits.

I also bought a special toothpaste to pair with it that softens plaque so hopefully that will help too.

Good luck and I hope this was helpful :)

They didn’t want to share pictures but hopefully my description was helpful.

Shalinique Lake
Super easy

This little gem is a miracle worker! I was super nervous about using it because I thought it may scrape my gums so I tested my finger first. It really won’t work on anything but your actual tooth. It does its’ job to a T! Coming from a dental assistant… I APPROVE!