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Mamtopia Baby Wipe Dispenser with LED Digital Display Smart Temperature Control

Mamtopia Baby Wipe Dispenser with LED Digital Display Smart Temperature Control

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Mamtopia Baby wipe dispenser equips with LED digital display which allows you to monitor the temperature at any time. Top heating design can keep wipe moist. 40℃-55℃(104℉-131℉) perfect wipe temperature can calm your baby. Anodized aluminum, effectively heats wet wipes in 6-8mins. New and smart design give your baby warm care.

Why Choose Mamtopia Baby Wipe Dispenser?


The wet wipe warmer uses a smart touch screen. As your need, you can adjust the speed from quick/slow for heating. NOTE: 1. In QUICK mode, the temperature is not adjustable. 2. While in SLOW mode, the temperature is adjustable between 40℃-55℃(104℉-131℉). The perfect wipe temperature to calm your baby.


Bottom heating and surround heating will heat all the wet wipes together and make them lose moisture, dry wipes are bad for baby skin. So top heating is better. The wipe dispenser uses a top heating design, it heats the top 2-10 pieces of wet wipes each time, just enough for single-use, and the rest wipes keep moist.


Mamtopia wipe warmer use an elastic adjustable support belt design, smartly push wet wipe close to the top for instantly heating, also more convenient for you to quickly take out warm wipe when you are in a hurry. Note: Remember to close the lid after use, so that the rest of the wipes keep the moisture


The diaper wipe warmer use anodized aluminum, effectively heats wet wipes in 6-8mins. Helpful to soothe and calm your baby. Innovative silicone seal locks in moisture and heat, preventing wet wipes from drying out or turning yellow. Note: After the wet paper towel is heated, it is best to use it within 24H and turn on the constant temperature mode to maintain the temperature and humidity of the wipes. If the heating time is too long, the wipes will dry out


Store up to a week’s worth of your favorite diaper wipes. The universal wet wipe warmer container does not require any specific type of wipe, including flushable wipes. The baby Wipe Warmer is silent, you enjoy good sleep. If there is any product problem, please contact us through the order ID, we will refund or replace the product unconditionally.

Mamtopia Baby Wipe Dispenser Operation Instruction

1. Plug in and the display lights up. The display shows the real-time temperature, and enters standby mode. If not selected, the display will turn off after 60s and the product will shut down.

2. In the QUICK mode, the temperature is not adjustable (automatically heat to 65℃, then automatically enter the SLOW mode, maintain a constant temperature of 45℃).

While in SLOW mode, the temperature is adjustable between 40℃-55℃. If you'd like to adjust temp in SLOW mode, touch "SLOW" twice to unlock, then touch "+" or "-" to adjust the temp, ±5℃ once.

3. Note: Only when the QUICK and SLOW lights are on at the same time, the real-time temperature will be displayed (the target temperature is displayed at other times), and then one of the QUICK or SLOW modes can be selected/switched.

4. The wipe dispenser uses a top heating design, it heats the top 2-10 pieces of wet wipes each time, please don't place more than 80 pieces of wipe in the heating box at one time. Otherwise, the wipes will be torn when they cannot be removed. If a pack of 80 wipes is opened, it is best to use them within 1 month.


Package Dimensions: 9.69 x 7.28 x 4.8 inches

Item Weight: ‎1.63 pounds

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Customer Reviews

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Prime Cat
Excellent except for 1 thing

I have to say, this wipe warmer works as expected. Warms the wipes nicely and maintains it's temperature. It was much needed since it's really cold in the winter, and even with forced heat indoors, the air still gets chilly and I noticed my baby shivering whenever we do diaper changes. Well, having a warm wipe made it more comfortable for my baby and it seems really happy now which makes me happy. The only thing I wish this had was a clear window to show the level of wipes that remain inside the warmer. We go through wipes like crazy and I found myself down to the last few wipes without even knowing. If I choose to continue using this, I'd have to keep checking to monitor the levels. I use Pampers brand of wipes and it fit nicely inside. You will of course, need to remove the wipes from it's original packaging and place the wipes directly inside this warmer in order for it to warm up. That's just common sense. And I like that it keeps a small amount of wipes warm at the top versus the entire lot because if that was the case, there's a chance the wipes will all dry out due to heat. This happened with another warmer I used and I wasn't happy that half of the stack was wasted when it dried out. So far, this one is working well for us. Recommend!

Warms up quickly and stays warm ❤️

This baby wipe warmer has been working great so far. Excellent capacity and allows us to use the entire package of wipes! It didn't get too hot and seems to keep the wipes warm enough to not dry them out!

Baby wipe warmer

Baby wipe warmer works great no more cold baby wipes well worth the money very easy to use I have been help with the baby wipe warmer