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Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Maker Transfer Machine Thermal Copier With Free Stencil Paper

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Life Basis TTP-101 Tattoo Stencil Printer Terminal Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine with lightweight, exquisite, portable, low heat, low noise, fast transfer printing speed etc. characteristics, allows you to work quickly and efficiently in a few easy steps.

Why Choose  Life Basis TTP-101 Tattoo Stencil Printer?

1. Quick&Efficient. Tattoo Thermal Copier allows the tattoo artist or professional to copies designs onto stencil paper quickly and efficiently in a few easy steps.

2. Light & Portable. This Tattoo Thermal Copier weighs only 2kg/4.4 lb, It is light and small so it is convenient to carry. Compact enough to fit almost anywhere. You can make the tattoo creation anytime anywhere as you like

3. Superior Performance. This tattoo printer has fast transfer printing speed, low heat, low noise and stable performance.

4. Convenient. This printer lightweight and can be quickly moved and easy to storage,give you more convenience. You can make the tattoo creation anytime anywhere as you like.

5.Environmental, Safe and Durable. Made of ABS material, which is environmental, safe and durable for long-term use. High Quantity tattoo machine for tattoo artists Easy to operate. No adjusting required and time-saving

TTP-101 Tattoo Stencil Printer Specification

  • Working Temperature: 5-35℃
  • Power supply: 110 V-220 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Size: 29*23*7 cm
  • Net weight: 2 KG(main copier machine) Coming with a simple separate carrying box, 40*29*15 cm
  • Free Gift: 25 pcs stencil papers

How To Use TTP-101 Tattoo Stencil Printer?

Copy in Mirror State
1. Open the copying paper cover.
2.Draw out the oil paper; according to the picture,put the paper in and keep stencil paper up,pull the paper to the TPH side.Also, you can tear off the yellow paper and then put the paper.
3.Close the copying paper box.
4.Copied document should be faced down and put it into the feeder.When the document is caught , please press the key "COPY".
Copy in Normal State Before copying, press key "MIRROR" to keep the mirror light quenching.
1. Open the copying paper box.
2. Draw out the oil paper; according to the picture, put the paper in and keep stencil paper down, pull the paper to the TPH side. Also,you can tear off the yellow paper and then put the paper.
3. Copied document should be faced down and put it into the feeder. When the document is caught, please press the key "COPY".

This Machine compatible with 4A Size transfer paper, if you need extra transfer paper check below:

LifeBasis 4A size Tattoo Transfer Paper 30/100 Sheets


1. Before using the mirror copy function, you should wait a few seconds for TPH heating; when the page is printed, the white paper of the copying paper should be stuck to TPH.
2. If you want to stop the copying mission, please press the key "STOP".
3. If the warning signal sounds, ERROR lights works and stop copying immediately.
4. Manual included.
We will send right fitted plug to your country.
Warranty: one year manufacture warranty
During warranty period: return and change policy are available if any quality problems within 3 month, more than 3 months within half a year, customers have to ship back to us for repairing only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I love this thing it is so easy to use

Richard Kissick
Good quality, transfers images to tattoo paper perfectly, and very easy to use too.

My girl loves tattoos however , she is bored with the normal ones and wanted to make her own. I found this tattoo copier with good specs and decided to give this one a try. I was not disappointed, this one works really well. First off, very easy to use. The instructions are so easy to follow and precise where i was printing tattoo in roughly two minutes. Secondly, the tattoos look great. The images go through the scanner perfectly and come out exactly as the originals and very well printed and so clean at that. Lastly, the tattoo paper works perfectly for laying onto the skin. My girl just loves how easy it is, she has been coming up with all kinds of ideas, and this little tool makes it easy for her to make her drawings real. Hard to show how nice this one is with just pics, so I did a short video to show. No cons, really works great for me where I am very happy with the purchase.

Let it heat up 10-15 mins prior to using

This machine is awesome!!! I just got it yesterday and immediately starting using it. The stencils come out really bold and dark in which i used it on setting (darkness 1) so i can only imagine what (darkness 2 would do, lol. I would like to say that i would reccomend powering it on and letting it heat up for about 10-15 mins prior to using because when i went straight to making the stencil, it will crinkle and leave lines in the stencil so i triednit again after a bit of it being on and i did not have that problem again. I hope this helps anyone who plans on buying thos product and i would deff recommend to anyone.

I love this thing.

Love this machine. It "prints" fast, really fast! It's compact, easy to use once you figure it out the first time. I've had no jams, no mishaps at all, which is pretty nuts. Really a game changer if you've been hand transferring onto the carbon paper for your tattooing. Holy cow I can't imagine having to keep doing that. Way too tedious! Oh and if your transfer didn't take correctly... you were starting over doing the xfer by hand. No way Jose. This machine is a must.

Joshua and Michele
YES!! exactly what I needed!

This just arrived and I had to check it out OMG its so simple and came out crisp and clear!! this is going to save me a ton of time.