LifeBasis CDS-100 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

LifeBasis CDS-100 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs

CDS-100 digital ultrasonic cleaner is a unique cleaner which comes with detachable cable. 600ml capacity and 42KHz frequency, compact design, perfect for home use. This article is to let you know CDS-100 ultrasonic cleaner better.

CDS-100 digital ultrasonic cleaner

CDS-100 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQs


Q: Can i use flammable solvents with your machine

A: We do not recommend that you use flammable solvents as cleaning agents.
When the ultrasonic cleaner is working, a certain amount of heat is generated. We don’t know what the ignition point of the flammable solvent you mentioned is, but this may be dangerous. For your safety considerations, It is best not to use flammable solvents.


Q: Can i put your items directly in the tank and not in/on the basket?

A: Yes, you can put the item directly in the tank. But it is recommended to use the attached basket when cleaning jewelry. The basket will reduce the working effect of ultrasound, but it will also protect the jewelry.


Q:Has anyone tied making liposomal vitamins with this puppy?

A: This ultrasonic cleaner is not intended to make liposomal vitamins.


Q: Do i need any kind of cleaner with this machine?

A:you can directly use tap water, but when you clean the dirtier stuff, adding a cleaning solution will get a better cleaning effect. For example, when cleaning gold and copper products, use oxalic acid and citric acid. To clean silver products, use silver washing water, etc.


Q: Is it safe to clean an apple watch?

A: I cleaned a couple printer heads with it but I don't think I would trust any sonic cleaner with a smart watch. If anything is slightly loose or there are tiny wires attaching components together there is a good possibility of knocking it loose, that is what it is designed to do


Can this be used on partial dentures that have wires?

A: The machine can be use to clean the partial dentures that have metal wires. The cleaning steps as following, which will get better cleaning effect:
1. Add warm water, one tablet and dentures into ultrasonic cleaner.
2. Waiting for the tablet to dissolve, turn on the machine for cleaning.
3. After clean, rinse the dentures under running water. Dry dentures thoroughly before wearing.
Note: Dentures with stubborn stains, please clean several times to get a better results.


Q: Can this product be used to clean pocket knives?

A: Yes, it can be used to clean pocket knives.


Q: what's the difference from the silver one by the same maker?

A:the silver ultrasonic cleaner is 750 ml and has 3 different cleaning cycles (1.5/3/5 minutes).
The white sonic Jewellery cleaner is 600ml with 5 digital timer (90s-180s-300s-480s-600s).


Q: Can I use this to clean and disinfectant nail tools?

A: Yes, you can use this ultrasonic cleaner to clean your nail tools, but it can only play a cleaning role, it has no disinfectant effect.


Q: Can i use on 110 volts

A:The voltage range of Life Basis ultrasonic cleaner is 100V-120V. So, you can use on 110V.


Q: Can it clean eye glasses with anti reflective coating?

A:That is exactly what I use it for. However, the soap that you would use is what's important. Using water will work fine and be safe. However, if you want to get an even deeper clean, a soap would be best. I use one that is safe for glasses, watches and just about anything else you want to clean.


Q:How does it clean gold jewelry...?

A: For gold jewelry, we suggest add jewelry cleaning agents and warm water (temperature of 40°C~50°C) to clean.
If your gold jewellery has stubborn stains or does not clean well, you can soak it in water for a while before cleaning, then clean it several times.


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