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LifeBasis A4 Size Tattoo Transfer Paper 30/100 Sheets

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LifeBasis 4 Layer Tattoo Transfer Paper Can Help You to Trace Images from Original Source, then through transfer paper and eventually to the Skin. 11.6 x 8.3 inch, A4 size.

Tattoo Transfer Paper Description

1. 4 Layers Transfer Paper: The thermal stencil transfer papers include 4 players. Layer 1 white master sheet to which the design is applied; Layer 2 semi-transparent protective tissue to be thrown away before use; Layer 3 blue carbon page; Layer 4 yellow backing sheet. When applying the transfer paper to the transfer machine, you only retain layer 1 and layer 3, with layer 1(white master sheet) facing up.

2. Advanced Material: Our transfer paper for tattoos is made from high quality dyes and tattoo stencil paper which is no fading, no easy dyeing, keep it clean and reusable.Besides,the stencil paper goes onto easily and stay throughout the whole tattoo session.

3. Two Ways to Use - The transfer paper allows you trace images from original source,then trough transfer paper and eventually to the skin. High compatible with thermal copy machine or dot matrix printers.Or simply trace over an original design using a ball point pen for hand drawn stencils.

4. Package &Size - 30 Sheets or 100 Sheets of A4 Carbon. Tattoo stencil paper kit including 50 sheets. 11.6 x 8.3in, A4 size. Professional transfer papers for tattoo or stencil is easy to use and fun.DIY tattoo tracing paper with good transferring effect. Suit for copy carbon tracing artist, tattooists and so on.

Warm Tips

Applying the transfer paste at the position where the transfer is required will make the obtained pattern clearer. (The transfer paste does not include.)

This Tattoo transfer paper works with LifeBasis Terminal Tattoo Stencil Printer:

LifeBasis Terminal Tattoo Stencil Printer With 25 PCS Free Stencil Papers

Packing List:

  • 30 sheets (optional )
  • 100 sheets (optional)