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LifeBasis Portable CO2 Dector CO2 Monitor with NDIR Sensor and Warning Sound For Grow Tents, Wine Cellars, Homes, Office, School, Cars

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LifeBasis upgraded version mini CO2 detector with high precision sensor can accurately track air quality. This CO2 monitor comes with LCD screen warning display and alarm function, real-time monitor and timely alerts air quality. Easy-to-use and super poratble, can be used at schools, office, home, factories, hotels, grow tents, hospitals and anywhere high levels of carbon dioxide are emitted.

Why Choose LifeBasis CO2 Detector?

1. High Precision Sensor

Life Basis 2022 update version CO2 detector with high precision NDIR technology sensor more accurately track air quality. Mini size for easy portability, real-time monitor air quality to protect you and your family's health.

2. Warning Display and Alarm Function

LCD screen for clearer display, color warning display the different levels of CO2 concentration (Green 400-800 PPM, Yellow 801-1200 PPM, Orange 1201-1500 PPM, Red 1501-5000 PPM). The alarm goes off when the CO2 exceeds 1000 PPM, The alarm will be 1 minute when CO2 exceeds 1500 PPM, timely alerts air quality to give you peace of mind.

LifeBasis CO2 Detector

3. Easy to Operate

One key control for easy operation. Long press the power key to switch on/off. The screen will auto turn off without any active within 5 mins, short click will light up the screen again. Smart bright screen reduces power consumption and increases the number of hours of electricity used.

4.Dense Opening Design

It is convenient for air circulation and heat dissipation. Openings design on the side and back of the device not only ensures that the sensor is in full contact with the air, but also facilitates heat dissipation, thus reducing false alarms caused by excessive temperature and insufficient contact with the outside air.

LifeBasis CO2 Detector

5. Wide Application and Guarantee

Perfect for monitoring air quality in schools, office, home, factories, hotels, grow tents, hospitals and anywhere high levels of carbon dioxide are emitted.

LifeBasis CO2 Detector

LifeBasis CO2 Detector

Life Basis provide 30 days no reason to refund and 12 months product replacement support.

LifeBasis Mini CO2 Detector Specification

Size: 5.3 x 1.8 x1.8 cm 

Weight: 78g

Material : ABS+PC

Charging time: around 2.5 hours

Use Time: around 7 hours

Input Voltage: DC 5V 0.5A

Charging Method: Type-C USB

CO2 Measurement range: 400-5000ppm

Packing List

1 x CO2 Detector

1 x Type-C USB Cable

1 x User Manual 

LifeBasis CO2 Monitor User Manual


Customer Reviews

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AR Österreich, Tirol
AR Österreich, Tirol

Schönes, handliches Gerät mit Akku für ca, 20 h und 5V-USB-Dauer-Ladegerät. Die Genauigkeit und Empfindlichkeit auf Co2 ist sehr gut. Auch die Temperatur und Luftfeuchte wird genau angezeigt.
Ein kleiner Nachteil ist, dass es keinen akustischen Alarm zum Einstellen und keinen guten Montagebügel zur Wandmontage gibt...
LG AR Telfs, Tirol