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LifeBasis Portable Laptop Desk Lightweight Aluminum Folding Desk Sofa Bed Stand for Notebook MacBook

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LifeBasis portable laptop desk is made of lightweight Aluminum material, is light and protable but ultra-sturdy. This folding desk adopt a ergonomic design to organize your work space while maintaining a healthy, seating posture through long hours of work. 360 degree rotable adjustable legs allows you to configure the desk for different heights and angles depending on the seating positions.

LifeBasis Portable Laptop Desk Highlights

1. User-friendly Laptop Stand Tray

LifeBasis table Desk adopt a ergonomic design to organize your work space while maintaining a healthy, seating posture through long hours of work. Adjustable legs can rotate 360 degrees, which allowed you configuring the desk for different heights and angles depending on the seating positions.

2. Cooling Vented Tray

This laptop desk has enough vented tray for optimal airflow. you can use this mount to keep laptop operating at the safest temperatures possible, no worries about overheating your laptops.

 LifeBasis Portable Laptop Desk

3. Multifunctional Folding Desk

Our desk tray stand equipped patented leg design uniquely to adjust angle, height, and tilt from the same three pivot points, create an comfortable environment on-the-go for office work; school work, reading; at home, bed, sitting, standing or laying down, etc. It really is a versatile and adaptable device.

LifeBasis Portable Laptop Desk

4. Material 

The aluminum alloy tray is lightweight and portable, yet ultra-sturdy. Its rotatable edge of your laptop tray has a lip to ensure your device stays in place no matter what angle, especially with its an arc edge and two removable clamps.

5. Space-Saving and Portable

Organize your work space while maintaining a healthy, seating posture, fitting for both indoor and outdoor use. Enjoy your time watching videos or reading a book without much stress on the neck and shoulders!

LifeBasis Portable Laptop Desk Specification

Material: Aluminium

Colour: Black/Pink

Item dimensions: 42( L)x 26(W) x 55(H) cm

Assembly required: No

Net Weight: 1.3Kg

Compatible Laptop Model : MacBook 13 inch / MacBook Pro 15 inch, 17 inch, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Dell, Sony and other general 14 inch, 15 inch / laptop computer etc.

Maximum Load : 15Kg

How To Use The Portable Laptop Desk?

LifeBasis Portable Laptop Desk

 LifeBasis Portable Laptop Desk

Packing List

1 *Laptop Desk



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect for WFH

When you living in a box room in London or anywhere, and you need a table since you are required to work from home under coronavirus situation, this product truly is a good choice. Since under lockdown, I only can stay in my small room, but I don't want to have many things in my room which will make me crazy, this foldable table is fit my needs now and it is perfect that don't need to install.

Very Happy

Got it to raise my laptop screen to my eye level, without having to buy a separate monitor.
The booklet that came with the box is very helpful in giving you ideas about how to fold it to different heights, so don’t throw it out. The stand itself is sturdy enough, very easy to adjust and leaves enough room for my laptop cables on both sides.
Highly recommend for anyone who needs a reasonably priced standing desk/laptop stand.

If you spend time at home, it will payback faster

It is not only good for laptop but also good for reading book. I believe they should mention suitable for reading a book as well in the description, and they could sell this more. During the pandemic, one of the most used item during the day.

Mrs. B. A. Smith
Laptop Stand I would buy again

This laptop stand folds and bends, but is sturdy enough when clicked into place to stay there. There are good instructions that explain how to adjust the sides to get it into the position you want to use. It is also light enough to carry around indoors, and fits a standard sized laptop or smaller. It's not sturdy enough to use standing up, but the rest is good, I would buy it again if I needed another one.

zeba gul
Lovely for small laptops

I have a small lighter lenovo yoga and this is perfect for me.
I am a student and i study from home this is what i was missing all those days. I use to put my laptop on my lap and my lap use to get sweaty and hot so i oredered a pink stand but i recieved a black colour one although i love pink but i love the black one aswell and it goes in contrast with my white laptop which i didnt put in to considration before ordering so, this is the reason i am giving full stars.