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LifeBasis Smart Radon Detector Short & Long-Term Monitoring WiFi Radon Monitor with Alert Notifications New Release

LifeBasis Smart Radon Detector Short & Long-Term Monitoring WiFi Radon Monitor with Alert Notifications New Release

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LifeBasis smart wifi radon detector equiped with innovative Ion-chamber radon sensor, fast capture of fluctuating radon levels, data will be updated every 10 minutes. A highly reliable result will be get within 60 minutes. This radon monitor can be connected to mobile App, you can get hourly radon data and graphs anytime, anywhere with the APP. Smart alert notification function,  phone will receive notification when radon levels exceed thresholds. The detector shows red light with continous di di alarm.

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

LifeBasis WiFi  Radon Detector Hightlights

1. Equiped with Innovative Ion-chamber Radon Sensor

The new innovative radon sensor which has the high sensitivity and compact design. A breakthrough unique technology which uses a pressed metal filter as the wall of the diffusion chamber and a special high impedance differential amplifier circuit to offer the highest signal to noise ratio. The sensor effectively detects the secondary charges which were generated from collisions with air and α-particle caused by radon or radon's progeny. Accuracy of the sensor is 5% ± 0,14 pCi/L.

LifeBasis Smart Radon Detector


2. Real-Time Protection

Radon is odorless, colorless, tasteless and is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. This radon tester with real-time detection and WIFI timely data transmission can better protect you and family health.

LifeBasis Smart Radon Detector

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

3. Mobile App Connection

Life Basis upgrated smart radon detector is connected to the mobile App, all results are delivered securely to your smartphone. Get hourly radon data and graphs anytime, anywhere with the free App (iOS/Android), Wi-Fi connectivity required.

4. Fast Results & Professional

Innovative Ion-chamber Radon Sensor, fast capture of fluctuating radon levels. The first radon result will be displayed in 10 minutes and data will be updated every 10 minutes. A highly reliable result will be get within 60 minutes. You don't need to spend a long time waiting for results.

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

5. Smart View Short & Long Term Radon Trend

Smart view of radon fluctuation date per hour, day and month and history radon values. Since radon levels constantly fluctuate, continuous long-term monitoring is the surest way to protect your family.

6. Smart Alert Notifications

When radon levels exceed thresholds, the detector shows red light with continous di di alarm and your phone will receive notification. While below threshold, the visual indicator is green. You can set the alarm threshold freely to suit your needs ( Max setting alarm level: 10pCi/L).

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

7. Sharing Device

It can be accessed by multiple users, you can share radon date with others and invite family members to monitor radon levels together. With modern designs, high quality touch and high sensitivity sensor, it is a perfect gift for family and friends. Ideal for use in basement, school, and living room, office etc.

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

8.  Portable & Unique Design

Modern aluminum alloy body give a real "metal finish" high quality touch.

LifeBasis Smart Radon Detector

LifeBasis  WIFI Radon Detector Main Features

  • Innovative Ion-chamber Radon Sensor: -30 CPH radon detection technology
  • Real time measurements : -10Min update (1hour moving average)
  • Wi-Fi connected APP: Receive alert notifications via push notifications
  • Radon data log: keep track of hourly  radon level by time and date of measurement
  • Sharing with others: Accessible by multiple users. Invite family members to monitor radon levels together
  • Audible alarm sounds: when radon levels exceed thresholds
  • Visual indicator: Green : <alarm threshold   Red: ≥  alarm threshold
  • Setting alarm threshold freely: Max. alarm level:10pCi

LifeBasis Smart Radon Monitor  Specification

Sensor Type: Pulsed ion chamber

First Reliaable Data out: <1 hour

Data Display Interval:  10min update (1 hour moving average)

Radon Count Sensitivity: 30CPH (Count Per Hour) per 1pCi/L

Measurement Range:  0.2 ~ 99.9 pCi/l (1~3700Bq/㎥)

Radon Accuracy/ Precision : < 10% at 10pCi/l (370Bq/㎥) after 10hours

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Radon Alarm: Integrated audio alarm+ color led indicator

Radon Level Visual Indicator: 3- Color Led

Power Consumption: DC 12+/- 0.1V,  65mA (12V DC adatper)

Operating range: 0℃ ~40 ℃, RH<80%

Size: Φ80(mm) x 140(mm)

Weight: 250g

Smart Radon Detector Connection Instruction

1. Search APP named "Tuya" or "Smart Life" from APP store or scan QR code to download the APP.

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

2. Create account (use phone number or email) and login.

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

3.  Turn on wifi, bluetooth and location services.

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

4. Long press "reset" button on the device for more than 5s, the LED indicator will flash quickly with a audible "Di", then the radon detector starts bluetooth network distrubution status.

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

5. Click "Add Device" button or "+" icon at upper right corner in the APP to add the radon detector. Connection box will pop up, click "Go to Add" or "Add" to start paring.

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector

6. Entor Wi-Fi name and password to connect the device, then you can enter the device page.

Packing List 

Smart Radon Detector *1

Power Plug*1

User Manual *1

LifeBasis WiFi Radon Detector



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Norbert Henry Gunkel
Radon Detector

Gerät macht was es soll, einfache Handhabung mit einer Smart Home App.
Habe in verschiedenen Räumen gemessen und der Wert ist je nach Raum unterschiedlich.
Bei weniger Lüftung steigt der Wert an. Also Lüften ist wichtig !

Reassuring device

I live in a part of the country where there are mid-level radon levels and I wanted to know whether I am at risk or not. I thought that a radon detector like this would be a better place to start than an official radon test because it charts levels over time rather than relying on a one-time test. Luckily, it appears that I do not have any radon in my home. Since I don't have any radon I'm not able to report how it works and I haven't bothered to hook it up to my smart home system since it detected no radon. However, this has given me a lot of peace of mind for a reasonable price and if any radon does appear due to geological shifts or something, I will know when it happens instead of just thinking I'm safe because it tested negative at some point in the past. The unit itself is an attractive looking device to have sitting out and appears to be a well made, quality product. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to be sure they are not being poisoned by radon.

Wayne F
24/7 Radon Readings on your phone

I bought this detector to provide radon measurements 24/7. Once the app is down loaded on your phone or computer, you have access to radon amounts constantly. I’m very happy with this radon detector.

Kevin A
Convenient and easy to use

I move this monitor around to different locations in my house. The app is easy to use and has a nice graphical trend to show radon levels over time.