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Mamtopia Mini Fan Mini Stroller Fan with LED Light 3 Speeds

Mamtopia Mini Fan Mini Stroller Fan with LED Light 3 Speeds

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LifeBasis Mini stroller fan is a multi-functional mini fan which can be bent, wrapped and stand at any angle, very flexible and stable, built-in rechargeable power, can work 4-12 hours depending on wind levels. Adjustable 3 gears of wind and night light, perfect summer companion.

Mini Stroller Fan Highlights

1. 2 in 1 Versatile

This mini stroller fan not only will cool down the summer but will also brighten up your baby at night. Whether the mother takes care of the baby at night, or the baby sleeps alone, you can let the baby sleep peacefully, and the mother can rest assured that it is a gift for the whole summer.

2. 3 Brightness Adjustable & 3 Variable Speed Design

The LED light fan has 3 brightness adjustable, 35% brightness for baby sleep, 70% brightness for a mother to wake up, 100% brightness for breastfeeding. And it has a super-strong wind output in three gears. One block is comfortable, the second block is natural wind, and the third block is strong. Make mom and baby more comfortable.

3. Flexible Tripod

Made of eco-friendly and meticulous silicone material, this portable fan is very strong and durable. It can bend, wrap and stand at any angle, keeping it flexible and stable. The stroller mini fan is especially suitable for babies, with adjustable legs very easy to clip on most strollers, cribs, car backseats also suit for desktop, bike, treadmill, wheelchair, etc.

4. Baby-Friendly and Low Noise

This clip-on fan adopts a leafless design, it won't get caught in your baby's hair, safer than traditional USB fans. The turbofan and the high-density grille protect the curious little fingers at all times. Also with low noise design, making your kids enjoy cool and quiet summer.

5. Adjustable and Rechargeable USB Fan

Recharged fan has a built-in rechargeable power, with long service life, and works for 4-12 hours depending on wind levels. Stay cool for a long day when you go outside. 3 gears of winds and LED night light adjustable, practical and convenient, best summer companion.


Fan Size: 256*116 mm(10*4.5 inch)

Material :Plastic

Additional Features: ‎Portable, Bladeless

Power Source: Battery Powered

Batteries required: No

Specification Met: CE

Weight: 11.6 ounces


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great for bunk beds

We originally bought one of these but quickly came back to buy a second after one successful night. We live in a 100+ year old house so the upstairs bedrooms are always in the 80s during the summer even with the air conditioner running. We bought these fans to attach to the bunk beds in our kids' room to keep them cooler. They are no longer waking up from naps sweaty or waking up in the middle of the night from being hot. We did buy two long USB cords so that they are plugged in and can operate all night on high. We love that they are battery operated as we often times lose power during storms and this will allow them to still stay cool when that happens.

Cute, sturdy fan which holds tight to what you wrap the legs around

Sturdy build, the legs hold tight to what I wrapped them around. Plenty of air flow for my purposes.

I am using it differently than most will use it for. I have a gaming laptop that gets pretty warm while playing high end games. I have a custom built cooling pad blowing air under it and one pulling the hot air from inside but it still gets warm on top so I am using this to blow air from above down onto the laptop. It is working great so far.

Cons: It lost a star because it is a little noisier than I had hoped when running, especially when it is on high speed. 2nd speed has a high pitch whirring sound. I wish it they had used a different method for turning it on, and for the different speeds. I have to run it through the speeds before it will turn back off again but that is a minor inconvenience.

Michael K
Summer stroller must

We got this to put on our toddler’s stroller since we live in Texas and it gets too hot here to do anything in the summer, come like, May. We thought it could help at times when the temperature is slightly more reasonable to get some air flowing for her. There are 3 adjustable feet that help to keep it on. I actually have a similar one on my Peloton and figured it would work well. Since mine, they seemed to have added a 3-level flashlight to either side of the fan. This is a cool feature for times you do walk when it is later at night or maybe even if you’re outdoors at a festival/activity. The fan is also 3 levels and it is quite powerful for its small size. It comes with a charging cord rather than batteries which is nice, you just obviously have to make sure that you keep it charged and have a power block ready. We are really pleased with it and our two-year-old likes the pink color, so win, win!

The only fan I found that’s safe for little fingers!!!

I did a lot of research to find a portable fan for my baby’s stroller and this is the only one that didn’t have negative reviews about little fingers getting hurt by the blades!!!
And if your baby is anything like mine then you know that she will be touching anything and everything near her with her fingers, and toes!! Lol
Which of course this was her first thought when I attached it to her stroller. But her fingers, and toes were completely safe! They don’t get anywhere near the blades.
I love the overall design of this fan. The bendy legs allow me to attach it to pretty much anything. Stroller, car seat, pack n play, play yard, or I can just set it up on the floor or table.
I also like that it’s usb chargeable. I just plug it in when I’m not using it, and it’s good to go for next time.
My only dislike is battery life. I wish it held a longer charge but whatevs! Still a good fan!

Great powerful little fan!

This "jellyfish" stroller fan is not only cute but powerful! The fan is top heavy but it's not been an issue standing on a table or on the stroller. I love that it doesn't have blades, so it can be right there next to my toddler without hurting herself. It's quite powerful. The top doesn't tilt in any direction, it's all in the legs. The legs seem pretty sturdy and a rubber material so the grip is strong.